Things Typical Homeowners Insurance Doesn't Actually Cover |®

Good morning to all reading this. Throughout my day, I read about variety of things that at times catch my attention.  Not every article will be real estate related but they will be of the home related. I hope they may be of help to you or someone in your circle of friends or family. 

Insurance, the thing we all hate to pay but when something happens and need to use it we thank the lord that we have the insurance. When buying a new home or thinking about changing homeowners insurance policy it is always best to do a thorough analysis of your policy. Ask your insurance agent about the policy what it covers, how much and where to find out more about your policy. This summer we witnessed the acts mother nature can throw at us whether that be fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. Make sure you speak with your trusted insurance agent to explain your policy and help prepare you and your family in the event something happens. 

The peace of mind knowing what insurances you have protecting your family and your home have no price tag.